Gay marriage legalized: Pedophilia and bestiality feared next

Help me, Jesus.

Dear Christian reader,

I am your sister in Christ and I think it’s time we had a very serious, long-overdue family discussion.

Brethren, look at the title of my blog post. No no no. Look at it again.

I literally just wrote that.

America recently legalized gay marriage and Christians freaked out. I can say a lot about the mass hysteria but this particular fear grabbed my attention. The first time I saw someone compare homosexuality to pedophilia, I laughed. The second time, I sobered up. People are genuinely afraid that the legalization of gay marriage is the beginning of a societal descent down a “slippery slope” of perverse sexual activity. There is now a siren call across the land,

Will the real Christians please stand up and show your indignation?

Here’s the problem with the comparison:

Gay marriage: 1 loving, consenting party + 1 loving, consenting party


Pedophilia/Bestiality: 1 stronger party + 1 party that is incapable of consent

Now, lads and lassies, when 1 person consents and the other doesn’t, what is that called? Rape, a problem that is rampant in our beloved – but let’s be honest, patriarchal – society. 1 in 5 women faces the risk of being raped and this statistic does not exclude the church at all. This problem is old, like, millennia old. That means that 5 years ago, this was a problem. Where was your indignation then?

We all know about the massive cover up of pedophilia in the church. There are priests who still haven’t been convicted despite piles of evidence that they had been sexually assaulting children. That problem came out years ago. Where was your indignation then? Your thirst for worldwide revolution? The call to return back to the ways of God?

We have been actively living in rape culture, a problem that genuinely wins the game of taking society down a slippery slope of sexual perversion. At it’s worst, it comes out as sex trafficking (read my post, “Here’s why Christians should love prostitutes“). Pimps and traffickers force sex trafficking victims to make pornographic material that is available online. This is the pornography your husbands, brothers and sons have been watching since they were 12 years old. You found his stash years ago. Where was your indignation then?

If this really is about the concern that our society is slowly descending further and further down an abyss of sexual perversion, then I would like to inform you: that bridge done been crossed.

I question the timing of everyone’s decision to suddenly identify as a social activist, a justice-minded person and an arbiter of Christian righteousness. This is not about staying true to God’s heart of righteousness and justice at all. This is us finding a scapegoat to blame society’s problems on and in the process, gay Christians all over the world are kicked out of their homes, attacked and killed. Three words: fuck your indignation.


6 thoughts on “Gay marriage legalized: Pedophilia and bestiality feared next

  1. annebabson says:

    Buki, you are so cool, and this post reminds me why I miss you so much. I love that your fervor for Christ precludes the possibility of approaching others in judgment. Our job, whether gay marriage is legal or not, remains the same: Love everybody, evangelize with the Good News of Heaven, not the bad news of Hell, and obey God’s word while loving Him with all our heart, soul, mind and strength.

    Liked by 1 person

    • kabadanke says:

      You’re cool! Thank you so much for reading and always being such an amazing, supportive sister! You’re so good at encouragement! Gives me so much life. I miss you too!

      Liked by 1 person

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