beach freedom

photo by Dana Bickham


My name is Buki and that’s me frolicking on the beach! I have a lot of feelings (one of you just thought about that scene from “Mean Girls”), thoughts and ideas about Jesus and His church. This blog is my outlet. Here, I sing and dance God out of my spirit and into the world.

The Hymns and Poetry section are all about the God topics that are better expressed from the heart rather than through logic or discourse. Here, I draw on art, science, music, analogies…

The Scripture Commentary section houses the posts that are inspired by and grounded in my reading of specific scripture passages.

The Thoughts section of the blog is where I allow my mind to wander and then return home. I package the treasures it finds on its journey and present them to you.

My posts can fall into one of the above categories but most times, they are a combination of two categories or even all three. Hang with me. I will wonder, I will question, I will speculate and I will experiment. I am on a journey to discover God outside of and within the things I have been told about Him. My prayer to Jesus is that He will reveal Himself to me in a deeper way. I hope you can all be a part of the conversation we have on the road. It’s going to be a good, good journey.

I hope you are edified as you read and listen. I hope you find encouragement and ask questions you’ve never asked before. I hope you see God in a new light. I hope I can add significantly and positively to the conversations you are already having about Jesus and His church.




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