The Healing Power of Love

healingLove is patient

To heal a heart, a broken heart, a broken body, a broken soul…

patience is required, to watch the bones grow painfully slow;

to change bandage after bandage, emptying bowl after bowl

of time and sensitivity, poured as a sacrifice upon the head of the wounded.

And finally, after many moons,

his eyes will open and her arms will rise to wrap around your neck and say, “Thank You.”

Love keeps no record of wrongs

“It’s all behind us” is the sound of forgotten pain.

A long embrace after rejection,

the smile that sees beauty even in separation

is the sign of forgiveness for mistakes.

To ingest acid and produce beauty,

to be unaware of the knife in one’s back and to move full force ahead without dying… that is the healing power of love.

Love hopes all things

And everyday I think about you and you and you, I hope you are no longer marra*; I pray you are happy; I pray only for your good and desire that maybe one day, we can meet in God’s park and walk through His field of fragrant flowers with the rising scent of smiles, laughter, positivity…

 maybe one day everything will be alright.

I know one day Love will make everything alright.

He will make everything alright.

He makes beautiful things out of all of it.

Love endures all things

Love survives the empty space between “goodbye” and “hello again.”

Love survives a slap in the face, the kiss of betrayal.

Love survives the harsh winter of abuse.

Many men have tried to kill her.

Many women have trampled on her breasts. She resurrects every time.

Every. Time.

And every generation, naive infants are born to teach us to give, to trust, to love again.

Love is the greatest of them all

It takes Love to love. We are nothing without it.

We love because He first loved us.

He was the one to reach aCROSS.

He was the one who gave His Son.

And that is the freedom we stand upon.

God is great.

God is Love.

 Fill us with Your Love, Lord, that we may be cured of the infirmities that breed hate, callousness, selfishness & silence.

Sing over our hearts every day until stone breaks into flesh.

“marra” – bitter